Magnolia Green unveils commercial sites for sale

Gateway Center and The Marketplace at Magnolia Green front Hull Street Road in Moseley.

Chesterfield, VA – iStar/Magnolia Green has announced they are actively marketing their two commercially zoned sites, Gateway Center and The Marketplace at Magnolia Green, both of which front Hull Street Road, have all utilities available, and are primed for development.

“This is an exciting time for Magnolia Green as we offer these two, distinct, commercially zoned sites for sale in one of the most desirable locations in Chesterfield County,” said Tom Page, Vice President of iStar and General Manager of Magnolia Green. “These sites are perfectly positioned at the front door to a 2,000- acre, master-planned community that, at build out, will be home to over 3,000 families, 1,100 super seniors, a championship golf course and clubhouse, an elementary school and a 28-acre county park.”

Magnolia Green Commercial Site Plan

Gateway Center is a 10.16-acre parcel located at the northwest corner of Hull Street Road and Magnolia Green Parkway, the primary and signalized entrance to Magnolia Green and its 4,000 plus residents at buildout. Located on the northern 4.13 acres of the Center is a beautiful, 3,583 sq. ft. craftsman style, multi-purpose building that overlooks a small pond out the back and was originally used as a golf operations and welcome center for the Magnolia Green community. The building is served by 59 parking spaces, with its main entrance off Memorial Tournament drive. At one end of the parking area is a 50’ x 50’ pad that served as a covered cart storage area but could be converted into an additional commercial building. The southern 6.03 acres, which fronts Hull Street Road and its 24,000 VPD, is vacant and is currently home to the farmers market at Magnolia Green. The Center is currently listed for sale with Taylor Long Properties and buyers may entertain purchasing either or both parcels. iStar is also entertaining proposals to lease the building.

The Marketplace at Magnolia Green is located about a half mile west of Gateway Center, at the intersection of Hull Street Road and Magnolia Market Avenue and will be the commercial centerpiece of the community as it is truly walkable from over 500 existing homes and apartments and readily bikeable from everyone living in Magnolia Green. The primary access road, Magnolia Market Avenue, will be a beautifully landscaped, four lane, divided roadway that connects Hull Street Road with Magnolia Green Parkway. The northern portion of the roadway, from Magnolia Green parkway down to Magnolia Fields Lane, is complete, and the remaining section down to Hull Street Road is under construction. A traffic signal will be constructed at Hull Street Road once signal warrants have been met.

The Marketplace is comprised of four separate parcels totaling approximately 90 acres, including the following:

  • Magnolia Academy Children’s Center is a new child development center located at the southwest corner of Magnolia Green Parkway and Magnolia Market Avenue. The center occupies 4 acres and is under construction, with a grand opening slated for late fall 2021.
  • Parcel 7 is adjacent to the daycare center and totals approximately 14 acres. The wooded parcel extends southward to the northern right-of-way of the future east-west collector road. The parcel fronts Magnolia Market Avenue and will share the Magnolia Fields Lane access with the daycare center, with a second access planned off the east-west collector road.
  • Parcel 6 is in the southwest corner of the Marketplace, with frontage on both Hull Street Road and Magnolia Market Avenue. Primary access to the 21-acre parcel will be off Magnolia Market Avenue, with a secondary access off the east-west collector road.
  • Parcel 5 is the largest of the four parcels at 46 acres and is in the southeast corner of the Marketplace, with frontage on both Hull Street Road and Magnolia Market Avenue. Primary access to the wooded parcel will be off Magnolia Market Avenue, with a second major access off Hull Street Road, and a third, secondary access off Magnolia Fields Lane, which also serves the Glenmoor Oaks apartments.

The Marketplace is zoned for commercial uses, but multi-family residential is also permitted subject to certain limitations. iStar recently developed a conceptual master plan for the project that includes the following, all of which are subject to change:

  • 4-story condominiums in Parcel 7 totaling 216 units
  • A Class A, office park with a lake in Parcel 6
  • Mixed use in Parcel 5 with stand-alone retail, dining and/or entertainment, apartments/condos over retail, and a village green area

Magnolia Green Commercial Site Plan

Those interested in any or all the parcels should visit or email Tom Page at

About iStar, the developer of Magnolia Green:
iStar (NYSE: STAR) has been one of the largest investors in luxury condominium, multifamily and master-planned residential developments throughout the United States, having financed and invested in $10 billion of residential projects since 1993. Through inspired design and a careful attention to detail, iStar develops communities that create sustainable value for residents and community members and provide unique lifestyle experiences.

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