How to Create a Sweet Guest Suite for Holiday Visitors

The holiday season is a peak time for visiting family and friends. But, as concerned as you might be in providing the perfect place for your house guests to stay, they may be just as concerned about leaving the comforts and familiarity of their own home to crash at yours. When that’s the case, it helps to be prepared with a few handy tricks to help make mi casa, su casa.

Follow these guest suite holiday recommendations

Keep the guest room décor simple and tasteful

An overly decorated or themed room might be right up your alley, but to someone else, it may be strange and unfamiliar. You want your home’s guest space to have a warm, welcoming feel to it—something anyone could be comfortable in. You can still decorate, just remember to keep the self-expression in check.

Put out fresh bedding and towels

Let’s face it, whether it’s family or friends coming to stay, everyone wants fresh, clean bedding and towels. Additionally, people often mistake hanging towels for decorative elements and are hesitant to use them. Be sure what you offer is folded neatly and, most importantly, placed where your guests will see them and know they are for their use.

Have extra blankets on hand

Some people get cold easily. When that happens, they may be hesitant to speak up, for fear of being an inconvenience to their gracious hosts. So, be sure to leave out a few extra blankets for them to use at their convenience, rather than obligating them to ask.

Bring out the bath products

One of the best and easiest ways to make your guests feel comfortable is to have the guest bathroom stocked with the essentials. You can either have some travel shampoos on hand or prepare full-size versions for their use. It’s also a nice gesture to have toothbrushes and other products at the ready, should they be needed.

Free up some closet space

While visiting guests may not be packing for an extended stay, they probably would appreciate not having to live out of their suitcases. Be sure to free-up some space in the closet or empty a dresser drawer or two.

Keep a universal phone charger close

Nothing seems to put a trip into a tailspin faster than arriving at your destination only to discover you forgot your phone’s charging cord. So, why not have one ready for them on standby? Your guests will be excited to see a charger cord waiting for them on the nightstand, especially if they don’t have theirs.

Have the Wi-Fi password ready to share

While we’re on the subject of tech devices, prepare the Wi-Fi password on a notecard and have it displayed on the nightstand or somewhere they can easily refer to it. After all, chances are they’ll want it. And you don’t want to have to repeat it over and over.

Give them a good read

You want your guests to feel at home while staying in yours. As such, offering access to a selection of books, magazines, city guides, or even games will give them options for entertainment, as well as provide a way to for them to pass any downtime they might have.


Set up a desk/comfy chair in the room

If your guests are planning on staying awhile or in need of attending to some personal matters during their visit, they may appreciate a space to work. Simply providing a table or chair in their room is a nice gesture that will make them feel at home, as well as offer a little privacy.


We hope our hosting tips help you as you welcome your holiday home guests this season!

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