10 Ways to Turn Your Neighborhood into a Community

10 Ways to Turn Your Neighborhood into a Community

What makes a neighborhood a great place to live? While that question might have countless answers, one that definitely stands out is: community. For many, the idea of living in a neighborhood where kids play effortlessly in the front yard and adults mingle together on the front porch is the ideal setting. But even in the best neighborhoods, creating a strong home community vibe doesn’t happen overnight. Here are 10 tips to help get you started building unity within your community.


Community Building Tip #1: Get to know your neighbors.

Nothing brings a home community together faster than neighbors who know each other. And the best way to break the neighborhood ice is to simply introduce yourself. Your introduction doesn’t need to be a big production or awkward encounter. It can be as simple as an over-the-fence hello.



Community Building Tip #2: Organize a block party.

Nearly every type of party typically requires a little work, and a block party certainly isn’t without its fair share of planning and coordination. However, the payoff is usually worth the effort—especially when it comes to meeting new neighbors, learning new names or creating a greater sense of lasting home community interaction.


Community Building Tip #3: Talk to other parents at the park.

The park and other home community public spaces have long been considered kid domain. But kids aren’t the only ones who are able to benefit from a little social time. Playground or poolside parent time is a prime opportunity to meet new neighbors, catch up with friends, gather valuable neighborhood intel or make plans for the next get together.


Community Building Tip #4: Welcome new move-ins.

It probably goes without say, but the best way to make someone feel welcome in a neighborhood community is to welcome them. This can be as laid back as a quick visit to their home or as elaborate as preparing a gift basket full of treats, or even a stack of your favorite local take-out menus.


Community Building Tip #5: Host a backyard movie night.

Nothing beats the feeling of a fun-filled drive-in experience right in your own backyard. Not only is this a great community event idea to share with friends and neighbors, it’s a great excuse to kick your feet up and be entertained. Just be sure to keep the movie family-friendly, or you might wind up upsetting some of your participants.



Community Building Tip #6: Create a tool-sharing program.

Outside of the occasional cup of sugar, tools may be the most often borrowed items among neighbors. So, why not create a formal tool-sharing program to get everyone in the community involved? Not only does it present the possibility of being able to help a neighbor in need, but you may get a chance to impart a little crafty talent in the process.


Community Building Tip #7: Host a porch party.

For many, “porch sitting’” is absolute paradise. If you’re someone who enjoys kicking-back on the front entryway in the evening, turning your porch time into an unofficial community house party is an easy and comfortable way to share a good thing with neighbors—without all the work and planning of an official party.



Community Building Tip #8: Start a club.

Sharing common interests isn’t just a good way to bring people together over shared interests, it’s also a great way to discover new ones, as well. While book clubs are among the most common type within a home community, there are plenty of other club possibilities that may prove more inclusive or require slightly less commitment, depending on your needs and style. The trick is to find something that draws the most community-building participation.


Community Building Tip #9: Participate in a community cause.

While it’s no surprise charitable service benefits the people or organizations you serve, it can also serve to bring a home community together over a unified cause. Additionally, volunteer and service work can help strengthen relationships among participants, as well as expose everyone to new interests, activities and resources.



Community Building Tip #10: Create your own sidewalk chalk festival.

If you’re like most parents, finding a space for your child’s art and creativity that isn’t the dining room wall is near the top of your list. A fun solution is to organize a community sidewalk chalk art festival. Not only is this an activity for people of all ages, whether as spectators or participants, it’s a great way to get everyone out of their homes to admire the masterpieces together.


We hope these community creating tips will help give you ideas about how to make your neighborhood a place you’ll love to call home.


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