Eight Color Trends Taking Over Homes in 2020

Eight Color Trends Taking Over Homes in 2020

Regardless of whether you’re a bold-accent-wall kind of person or a fan of the unexpected painted ceiling, we can all agree on one thing: color wields an almost supernatural power to completely transform a room. However, determining the perfect color for your home can be a bit intimidating, especially when you factor in ever-shifting trends and architectural distinctions, not to mention personal preferences. So, to help nudge your paint picks with a hint of designer direction, here are eight color options you’ll be tempted to incorporate into your home in 2020.


Home Color Trend #1: PEACH, BLUE and MINT

The combination of peach or pink with a shade of green and blue is a timeless color palette that may never get old. It’s also one that experts anticipate seeing a lot more of in the year ahead—especially when it comes to home interior decorating.


Home Color Trend #2: ROSE GOLD and CINNAMON, SKY BLUE and PLUM

While icy colors have been the hot hues for the last few years, this year has already experienced much of that trend melt away with warmer colors taking their place. Additionally, many interior designers and people alike are finding a certain aesthetic pleasure by crafting unusual or unexpected house color combinations in everything from paint to decorations.












The rules for monochromatic color use in interior home design aren’t black and white. And they certainly aren’t limited to pale tones either. In fact, colors like Cobalt Blue, Kelly Green or even Dark Purple are popping up in a monochromatic manner more and more, evoking a daring yet elegant look many can get behind for their home.


Home Color Trend #4: CHOCOLATE BROWN and CAMEL

This particular combination is far more than simply a timeless classic. It also conveys a uniquely modern and toasty feel that declares luxury. Combine that with a rich mix of textures, finishes, and increasingly popular complementary shades like ochre and burgundy, and you’ll feel right at home on the warmer side of the color wheel.



Home Color Trend #5: DUSTY TEAL

This neutral selection is quickly becoming a color crush for those looking to bring a deep and calming presence into their home design. And since it pairs so well with so many colors, such as camel, rust, navy and peach—as well as with pale woods, like white oak and birch—it is the perfect complement for the organic motif.


Home Color Trend #6: MARINE BLUE

For those feeling positively blue, this particular shade is becoming a go-to pick-me-up for home interior design. Not only does it pair well with pretty much everything from the crispest whites to the softest pinks, it also works extremely well with bright options like orange, reds or greens and even moody charcoals and chocolates. And the best part, it fits in any location in the home.



Home Color Trend #7: MOODY HUES

When it comes to colors that are gaining unexpected popularity, these hues really tend to set the right mood in the home. The dark, rich greens; bittersweet browns or thick merlots offer a reimagined spin on classic colors—but with a sultry, more sophisticated saturation you can’t help but think feels all grown up.


Home Color Trend #8: BLACK and WHITE

High-contrast black and white continue to be the ultimate power couple. Not only are these two-color choices extremely versatile in where and how they can be used together, the possibilities for bold pattern designs, like art deco tiling, provide eye-catching drama and dynamic emotion to liven any room in the home.










We hope these home color trend options will help you create your own personal oasis. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and have fun with your interior design. For more information on everything Magnolia Green has to offer, call 804-372-0328 or feel free to visit us at our Magnolia Green Welcome Center anytime near Richmond, Virginia. 17301 Memorial Tournament Dr., Moseley, VA 23120.

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