Autumn Décor Ideas to Really Fall For

Autumn Décor Ideas to Really Fall For

As summer gives way to fall, it’s only natural for your home’s decorative style to match, as well. If you’re looking for a way to spice up your home with something seasonally fresh this year, here are several thoughtful fall décor ideas that offer a seasonal touch of warmth and style to your indoors, as well as your outdoors—all without being too predictably kitschy.


Fall Décor Idea #1: Hang a fall wreath

The best of fall is found in the details. One such detail is a festive wreath to give your front porch a little seasonal flair. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of ideas or materials to create a wreath that best fits your home and style. Whether you go all out with a harvest motif, keep it simple with a medley of colorful leaves or get a little creative with a collection of interwoven vine branches, your wreath options are as endless as their circular design.



Fall Décor Idea #2: Try white pumpkins

There are easily thousands of home decorating ideas that feature the pumpkin. In fact, this blog doesn’t shy away from offering a few, as well. If you like the pumpkin look but want to put a slightly different spin on it, try ditching the traditional orange and green varieties and break light. A white, soft gray or muted blue color pumpkin palette is especially gorgeous in the fall, since all three pair exceptionally well with nearly all of autumn’s warm hues.



Fall Décor Idea #3: Spice up your flower arrangements

Vintage food and spice tins not only have a fitting place within the harvest or fall-season décor theme, but they also make for unique vase alternatives or creative floral centerpieces—especially when loaded with a fall foliage that puts autumn’s everchanging color wheel on display. For containers on the taller side, fill with leafy greens and warm hued buds. For smaller tins, keep the look casual with a looser arrangement. Not only will they add a hearty texture and earthy tone to your home, they’ll also convey a tastefully nostalgic feeling, as well.



Fall Décor Idea #4: Set up seasonal seating

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean you have to pack it all up and head indoors. With so much natural beauty on display in the fall, it’s well worth setting up a front row seat—if only as a seasonal décor idea. Try adding a bright red bench to your front porch, offering a cheery spot to admire autumnal foliage. And don’t be afraid to spread the décor to the front lawn if the porch isn’t spacious enough for all your fall décor.



Fall Décor Idea #5: Personalize your pumpkins

Using acrylic paint and painter’s tape, try giving your pumpkins a decorative pattern for a fun twist of front porch style. Whether you opt for a two-tone, dipped look; a eye-catching chevron stipes pattern; or you simply personalize your pumpkin with your house numbers or a stenciled silhouette of your state, the options to personalize with creative style are as endless as they are fun.



Fall Décor Idea #6: Add some plaid

A dose of plaid flannel or wool never fails to add a little cozy warmth to a home, while simultaneously offering that subtle nod toward the change of season and dip in temperatures. To take your fabric selections even further in the spirit of the season, go for orange or warm-hued blankets, throws and accent pillows.


Fall Décor Idea #7: Vintage glassware

There’s something nontraditionally autumn about vintage glassware, especially when you mix shapes, textures and colors. For an even stronger seasonal feel, choose glassware in varying shades of amber or other warm tones. And don’t hesitate to fill the bottles with sheaves of wheat, tall grasses or crabapple/Asian pear branches with the leaves intact or stripped off. All of these options pair well with the dark colored glass and prove that non-flower arrangements can be an exciting alternative with a very strong fall feel.



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