Starting this summer, we are introducing a new and exciting column, #MyMagnolia. #MyMagnolia will aim to highlight all the people who make our community the best place to live in Richmond. By profiling everyone from residents to builders, we hope to introduce you to more of your neighbors about topics ranging from what superpower they would choose to what makes #MyMagnolia so special to them.

To kick off the #MyMagnolia series, we were lucky enough to sit down for a few minutes with Tom Page, Vice President of iStar and the man who makes so much happen here in our little slice of paradise.


So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get to know, Tom!

Which superpower would you rather have: flight or invisibility?

  • Tom: Flight

What is your favorite football team?

  • Tom: I’m going to go with a college team – the NC State Wolfpack

What is your favorite hole at the Magnolia Green Golf Club?

  • Tom: That’s a tough one. The course is beautiful, but I’d have to say the 18th. The approach shot to the green is just spectacular.

What would be your dream vacation?

  • Tom: My dream vacation would be a trip to Hawaii filled with golfing, fishing and surfing!

Favorite restaurant in the Chesterfield area?

  • Tom: Boathouse

If you could share a Yoder’s Donut at the Market at Magnolia Green with any three people in the world, who would they be?

  • Tom: Although they’re big enough to share with 10 people, I’d have to go with … nobody! They are too good.

What is your role with Magnolia Green?

  • Tom: I’m the Captain of the ship. I’m responsible for moving everything in the right direction, keeping everyone (homeowners, employees, builders, golfers, farmers market vendors and attendees, and more) happy, and spearheading all our major planning and community initiatives.



How and when did you get involved with Magnolia Green?

  • Tom: My involvement with Magnolia Green began in 2011, when I worked as a consultant on the development’s master plan, and then in 2012 I made the jump to managing the project full-time for iStar.

What has been your favorite part of managing Magnolia Green?

  • Tom: I’m passionate about designing amenities for our residents and the public and then seeing them come to life with construction. One of my favorite moments was working with the Nicklaus guys to design the golf course – what an amazing experience.

Magnolia Green has consistently ranked as one of the best-selling new homes community in Richmond. What does this mean to you?

  • Tom: It means we’re doing the right thing! Magnolia Green really does have something for everyone – from townhomes and single-family homes of all shapes and sizes to custom homes. Our community is welcoming for all. It allows folks to both move into the community at any point in their lives and also the flexibility to move around as their needs change.

Why did Magnolia Green decide to build a brand-new aquatic center for its residents?

  • Tom: Everything we do is for the families. We know how popular competitive swimming is in the Richmond area and we wanted to be able to offer the best environment for that to our residents and, not to mention, our awesome neighborhood swim team, the Sea Dragons! Our aquatic center will have something for everyone: an 8-lane competition pool, a splash pool, an activity pool, a lounge pool and the coolest pirate-themed playground you’ll ever see.

Swim team

What can people expect for the new golf clubhouse that will be finalized this fall?

  • Tom: The new clubhouse is going to take both golfing and dining to a new level here at Magnolia Green. Whether you’re a golfer, a resident, a guest, or someone trying to host an event it’s the perfect venue. Highlighted by our custom pizza oven, the grille will be a perfect spot for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Our event space is perfect for weddings, business functions and more. The new clubhouse offers maximum flexibility, plus the views from the balcony of the 1st, 10th and 18th holes are sensational.

Hole Eighteen 13

Describe what #MyMagnolia means to you in 3 words.

  • Tom: Coolest. Place. Ever.